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A Modern Miracle for Your Smile

If you’re looking for a zirconia fixed bridge in the Aurora, CO area, but haven’t learned a lot about the process of getting one, you may be wondering where to look first. Well, look no further than at Dental Associates of Aurora, where all of Dr. Lee’s staff are experts in installing partial and fixed bridges.

A bridge is essentially a set of dental crowns that are fixed to your existing teeth. These false teeth are fixed to two existing crowns, all of which attach over a metal base. This means that zirconia fixed bridges attach to your existing teeth, rather than your jawbone: whether you’re just missing a few teeth or if you’re missing a lot of them, this may be a welcome restoration to your mouth!

Why Choose a Zirconia Fixed Bridge?

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The Process of Getting Zirconia Fixed Bridges from Dental Associates of Aurora

The process of getting zirconia fixed bridges at Dental Associates of Aurora isn’t that different from getting full mouth dental implants at our office: you sign up for a day of surgery, and you get the same dramatic results as full mouth implants. We’ll begin by taking advanced scans of your jaw and mouth so that we know exactly what we have to work with, and from there, we build your ideal plan. We’ll also use these scans to create just the right bridge for your needs: in our in-house crown and bridge laboratory, we build these zirconia restorations for each patient, so we know a thing or two about restoring teeth!

Getting your fixed bridges from our in-house crown and bridge laboratory also makes your wait much shorter, because there’s no need to visit a second location or rely on a third party for quality, and you’ll have ultimate control over the finished product.

Our two on-staff crown and bridge technicians have more than 80 years of experience, meaning that there isn’t a better place to be found in the Denver area for crowns and bridges!

We even offer intraoral cameras, which will provide the best view of your surrounding teeth and can match your new teeth precisely to your existing ones.

Permanently Restoring Smile Aesthetics

At Dental Associates of Aurora, we provide a variety of advantages to getting your zirconia fixed bridges from us: from our in-house crown, bridge and denture lab to our digital X-rays and 3D imaging system for implant placement. We even offer intraoral cameras, which will provide the best view of your surrounding teeth and can match your new teeth precisely to your existing ones.

We even offer free consultations, meaning that it costs you nothing to find out what we can do for your mouth! Whether you’re just missing one or two teeth or a whole arch of them, we can help you at Dental Associates of Aurora!

Let us create your dazzling smile with durable zirconia!

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