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If you have many missing or failing teeth, you may not yet have considered the world of full mouth dental implants. You may have trouble biting and chewing, dietary restrictions, or you may be unwilling to smile when you’re happy. If any or all of this is true in your life, maybe you should look into what dental implants are and why they are such a life-changer for our patients with missing and failed teeth!

Full mouth dental implants, also called full arch dental implants, are a permanent solution to tooth loss. With implants, you can have an entirely new set of teeth in as few as two visits! You can expect robust, long-lasting dental implants from the Dental Associates of Aurora team, and you’re in good hands with us. You may have heard of dental implants before: in full mouth dental implants, the implants are settled onto one of four roots in your gums. These roots, also called posts, provide a solid place for your implants to align. From there, you get a whole new smile and an improved quality of life!

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Our Process for Full Mouth Dental Implants

When we first take you in as a candidate for full mouth dental replacement, we’ll take advanced cone beam computed tomography (or CBCT) scans of you, and we’ll also learn your individual goals for your smile. This is especially important if you’ve been missing teeth for a while, as we need proper placement of bone to place multiple implants at once. You may need bone grafting or sinus augmentation if you want to become a good candidate for full mouth dental implants, and these procedures will be explained to you as they come up.

It’s critical to note that you’re in excellent hands, as Dr. Jundt is both an oral surgeon and an MD! In the next step, Dr. Jundt will install the posts for your full mouth dental implants. While we do offer sedation for these services, many of our patients find that Dr. Jundt is so quick and pain-free that sedation isn’t necessary. You’ll come out of the chair with a temporary, natural-looking set of teeth that isn’t fixed: this set will serve as your fully functional teeth for the next several months. Once the swelling has gone down, you’ll come back for your check-up appointment and there, you’ll receive your final prosthesis! Our final prostheses are made of either titanium or zirconium, and with proper care and maintenance, can last a lifetime!

Making Dental Implants Affordable

We realize that dental implants are often a far-away ask for our patients. That’s why we work with multiple insurance companies and third-party financing companies, and we even file your claims for you! At Dental Associates of Aurora, we believe that everyone should have a smile they can be proud of, and we make sure all of our patients want to smile and show off their teeth! No matter your financial situation, give us a call today. A full set of replacement teeth is probably closer than you think!

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