Bonding and tooth colored fillings

It can be difficult to be your best self when there are aesthetic issues with your smile. At Dental Associates of Aurora, we understand how these kinds of issues can impact your life and offer cosmetic bonding to restore your smile’s beauty and help you regain lost confidence. Bonding can be used to effectively correct cracks or gaps in your teeth, to fill a cavity after removal, and even cover up stains and discolored teeth!

To complete a bonding procedure, an adhesive gel is applied to the affected tooth or teeth before a composite resin is sculpted over the gel to form the new surface of the tooth or teeth. An ultraviolet light is then used to harden the resin before it is polished to provide you with a bright, fresh new smile.

There can be little doubt that bonding is vastly better than old, unsightly amalgam fillings. That’s why it’s become one of our most popular services. And, with our amazing in-house lab, you’re whole procedure will be handled by our team and should last for well over a decade. Bonding is a safe, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for many dental problems. Give us a call to learn more!


Do you have a chipped tooth? Are you dealing with a painful cavity? Dr. Lee and the staff at Dental Associates of Aurora can help by fitting you with a crown that looks as natural as your own teeth, functions just the same, and will last for years to come. Our onsite lab technicians allow us to deliver exceptional fillings on the same day in most cases. And, best of all, our experience means you’ll get a level of customization to your needs found nowhere else in Denver.

A modern dental crown (or cap as they’re called by some) is a covering that encapsulates the entire surface area of a tooth in order to restore its original shape and size. Crowns defend and strengthen teeth that cannot be, for one reason or another, restored using fillings or other restorations. Porcelain is the most popular material as it naturally imitates the color of the teeth and is highly durable. A porcelain crown from Dental Associates of Aurora will match the shape, size, and color of your teeth and provide you with an enduring, natural-looking smile that will last for years.

Are you in a hurry to get a dental crown? Be sure to ask our staff about our E4D Option that allows you to receive a crown in only one day!


A dental bridge from Dr. Lee and the staff at Dental Associates of Aurora is the perfect way to restore your smile when a few of your teeth are missing. This permanent option is ideal for those who wish to improve their smile and bolster their confidence. A bridge is basically a connected group of dental crowns that are fixed to the teeth ensuring they remain in place and function just as your original teeth do. They can be anywhere from two teeth to an entire upper or lower arch and come in a variety of materials. This allows for an ideal color-match to your existing teeth.

Partials and Dentures



If you have missing teeth and need an affordable solution, partials and dentures may be the best option for your needs. They’re easily the most affordable option to restore your smile to its original state as they’re not affixed to the mouth’s structure. They can be removed and replaced at will which reduces the overall costs while still delivering improved function and aesthetics. Dr. Lee is a denture specialist, so you can be certain you’re in the right hands when you come to Dental Associates of Aurora for your partial or denture procedure.

It’s important to remember that dentures take some getting used to after your procedure is complete. Some patients report feeling like they don’t have room for their tongue in their mouth. Others say they feel bulky or loose when first using them. This is to be expected as the dentures have to be adjusted for the proper fit. At some dental offices, this can be a real hassle due to the wait times, but not at Dental Associates of Aurora. We have an in-house lab that ensures our patients dentures are adjusted quickly and effectively. It still may take time to feel completely comfortable talking and eating with your new dentures in, but over time you’ll adjust to them and feel normal again before you know it!

Implant supported Dentures/Partials

Implant-supported dentures, or over-dentures, are removable dentures – either partial or full – that cover and rest on remaining teeth and/or dental implants. It is the ideal permanent solution when all the teeth are missing or in bad shape. This procedure is Dr. Lee’s specialty and Dental Associates of Aurora is designed with this procedure in mind. Our in-house lab and surgery center means you never have to go elsewhere.

Before dental implants, and specialists like Dr. Lee, there was no permanent solution to address tooth loss – especially for those who’ve lost all their teeth. Thanks to modern dentistry, patients can now restore their smile with an aesthetically-pleasing and functional solution that lasts for as long as they live. Not only will you be able to eat and speak normally, but you’ll be preventing future bone loss that could impact your appearance.

Get all the facts about dental implants from our specialist, Dr. Lee, when you call today to discuss the possibilities. We can provide you with a potential treatment plan and answer all your questions during our free consultation!

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