Gum Grafting

A receding gum line can cause serious issues that go beyond an unsightly appearance. Your teeth can become overly sensitive to hot and cold, which can make eating and drinking your favorite foods difficult. And, the spaces opened up as your gums recede can contribute to tooth decay and bone loss. Thankfully, Dental Associates of Aurora offers 21st century gum reconstruction using grafting techniques.

Gingival grafting, which is the process of gently removing a thin piece of tissue from the roof of the mouth or moving it over from an adjacent area to reform a stable band of connective tissue around the affected tooth. This gingival graft can be placed so as to completely cover the exposed root and stop any further damage from occurring.

Though gingival grafting may seem like science fiction, it’s a highly predictable, reliably effective solution for those affected by gum recession. Dr. Lee and the staff at Dental Associates of Aurora can explain this process further during a free consultation!

Before & After Gum Grafting

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