Laser Dentistry

Dental Associates of Aurora is firmly committed to delivering the best dental treatments available to our patients – including those made possible by modern technology. Just as digital x-rays are vastly superior to traditional, laser dentistry is changing the way we perform some of our most common treatments. It’s just focused light without all the elements that cause the greatest amount of discomfort for our patients – specifically the metal and noise. It’s ideal for children who get nervous about the dentist!

At Dental Associates of Aurora, we can use laser dentistry for a variety of treatments including the following:

  • Biopsies
  • Tumor Removals
  • Soft Tissue Removal (Gingivectomy)
  • Soft Tissue Shaping (Gingivectomy)
  • Uncovering Dental Implants

There are tremendous benefits to using laser dentistry for specific treatments. These can include the following:

  • Anesthesia is not necessary in some instances.
  • Less tissue damage translates to faster healing times.
  • Sterilizes and cauterizes tissue reducing infection chance.
  • Reduces the number or the very need for sutures.
  • Cuts down on blood loss during procedure.

While laser dentistry may not be widely known now, it will grow in popularity as more and more people experience the many benefits it has to offer. From less pain and discomfort during procedures to far less damage to surrounding tissues, laser dentistry is a technological revolution in the way we tackle your dental challenges. Reap the benefits by calling Dental Associates of Aurora for a free consultation today!

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