Gum disease, or periodontitis, is a serious dental condition that affects millions of Americans each year. It can be caused by multiple factors, but is most commonly seen due to improper oral hygiene. Oftentimes, if caught early, this condition can be cured with antibiotics or root planning and scaling. However, for those cases too severe for this approach Dental Associates of Aurora offers gingivectomy surgical procedures.

Our gingivectomy procedures are handled in-house by our own oral surgeon who will skillfully remove diseased gum tissue, or gingiva, and reshape loose tissue to ensure there are no more pockets between your teeth and gums. This is a crucial step as it guarantees that plaque can’t build up in these pockets leading to bone damage and further gum disease.

While no one likes the idea of surgery, gum disease is a very serious threat to your overall health. Studies have tied it to increased risk for heart disease and other medical conditions, so addressing it as soon as you can is vital to achieving the best possible outcomes. Get all the answers about gingivectomy when you call us today to schedule a free consultation!


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