In-house Denture lab

While there are any number of good reasons to visit Dental Associates of Aurora, like our amazing staff and award-winning dental team, it’s our in-house dental lab that wins over our new patients. By having the lab right onsite, and technicians who have more experience than any other team in town, we can deliver optimal results to our patients across a wide range of treatment options faster than ever before. It’s revolutionized the way we offer dental care and how our patients feel about it!

There are a great many benefits to having an in-house dental laboratory at Dental Associates of Aurora for both patients and staff. These include:

  • Expediting the whole dental treatment process.
  • Patients never have to visit a separate location.
  • Everything can be taken care of in a familiar setting.
  • Lee has greater control over your restorations.
  • Our amazing technicians work directly with staff.

There are a number of dental treatment options our highly experienced in-house lab technicians assist with, including all of the following:

  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants

Our in-house dental lab currently has two full-time technicians who bring a combined 80 years of experience to all of our treatments. They ensure all our restorations are of the highest quality and help us reduce the time necessary to deliver a beautiful new smile to our patients. If anyone isn’t satisfied with the restoration, including Dr. Lee – our resident perfectionist, then we can have it fixed while you wait instead of shipping it away and returning it to you days or weeks later. That’s an enormous weight off the shoulders of our patients and one of the reasons our in-house lab ranks as the best in all of Denver!

In-house crown & Bridge Lab

At Dental Associates of Aurora, our patients and their needs always come first. We strive to deliver exceptional results to every patient we see including those waiting for crowns and bridges to be crafted for use in their dental treatments. That’s why we opened our own in-house crown and bridge lab – to exceed our patients’ expectations and deliver lightning fast results. That means you get treatment that’s head and shoulders above other dental clinics in town and never have to wait days or even weeks to see the results.

Our in-house crown and bridge lab is used for exactly what the name suggests. It assists our team in delivering outstanding results in the following areas:

  • Porcelain Restorations
  • Metal Restorations
  • Restoration Designs

There are some amazing benefits passed on to our patients thanks to our in-house crown and bridge lab. These include all of the following:

  • Faster treatments than ever before.
  • No need to visit a secondary location.
  • No relying on third parties for quality.
  • Greater control over finished product.
  • Make speedy adjustments when needed.

With two full-time technicians on-staff who boast a combined 80 years of experience, there’s not a better dental lab to be found in the Denver area for crowns and bridges. We offer free consultations to every patient and would love to discuss how our in-house lab can benefit your next dental treatment. Give us a call today!

3D Imaging system for Implant Placement

When you’re considering dental implants, you’re going to want to choose a dental clinic that can provide you with the very best of everything – from attentive service to the latest technology. At Dental Associates of Aurora, we specialize in dental implants with an in-house dental lab and our state-of-the-art 3D imaging scanner to make the entire process quicker, easier, and less costly.

So, what is 3D imaging? Well, our 3D imaging scanner can show details about bone structure, bone density, soft tissues, and nerves that a traditional x-ray never could. It also uses far less radiation, which is a plus for our patients. Here are a few more benefits of 3D imaging:

  • Diagnoses are more accurate with 3D imaging results.
  • Procedures can be tackled virtually prior to surgery.
  • No more exploratory incisions to identify issues.
  • Implants can be precisely placed before procedure.

The 3D imaging scanner at Dental Associates of Aurora allows us to better serve our patients and reduce the stress and worry they have prior to a procedure. We can show you what we see and walk you through your procedure to help relieve the stress you’re facing. It truly does allow us to deliver ideal treatment to every patient we see for dental implants and can even help reduce costs. After all, there are no more surprises with 3D imaging!

Interested in learning more about how 3D imaging has forever changed dental implants? Call us today for a free consultation to get all the answers you need to make the best decision your smile!

Digital X-rays

At Dental Associates of Aurora, we’re firmly committed to making a difference in our patients’ lives – both in and out of our office. We adopt the latest technologies in an effort to better our service, but we do so with an eye toward what’s best for our local community. That’s why we’re proud to offer only digital x-rays in our clinic. These x-rays deliver better results than traditional and have far less impact on the environment. Plus, they speed up the process for our patients, giving them back time that had always been spent sitting in a waiting room. That’s why patients love Dr. Lee and Dental Associates of Aurora. We look out for them in all things!

Digital x-rays are a revolution in medical imaging and have changed the way we do business at Dental Associates of Aurora. Here are just a few of their benefits:

  • 80-90% less radiation to generate an effective image.
  • Images are of higher quality and scan be manipulated.
  • Immediate visualization and enhancement via computer.
  • No more sitting and waiting for film to be processed.
  • Eliminates chemicals required for image processing.
  • Can be shared digitally with insurance companies.

With an in-house dental lab and digital x-rays, Dental Associates of Aurora has all the latest technology to make your visit an enjoyable one. No more worries over exposure to radiation or chemicals and far less time waiting around for something to happen. Sound good? Then call us today for a free consultation and get the answers you need about your specific dental needs.


Intraoral Cameras

Dr. Lee and the staff at Dental Associates of Aurora are firm believers in the power and effectiveness of intraoral cameras and use them whenever we feel they will be of benefit to our patient. The intraoral cameras that we use are basically tiny digital cameras that allow us to view hard to reach places inside the patient’s mouth. It gives us the ability to image the area in question without radiation and share what we’re seeing with our patients. This is extremely effective when discussing the issues they’re facing as an image is, as they say, worth a thousand words. By viewing the problem areas for themselves, patients feel like they’re invested in their care and making informed decisions about their health. That’s a win for Dr. Lee and our team!

The high-tech intraoral cameras used by Dr. Lee and his team have other benefits for you, the patient, as well. Here are just a few of these:

  • Imaging affected areas helps us uncover additional issues.
  • Builds the trust between our team and you, the patient.
  • Allows for case documentation to revisit during treatment.
  • Can assist with expediting insurance claims for treatment.

Of all the benefits listed above, none is as important as the trust that an intraoral camera helps us build with our patients. Modern dentistry can be a daunting prospect financially, so it’s important to be able to show our patients exactly what they’re facing. Not just tell them either, but show them. That’s why so many of our patients come back to us for all their dental needs. They know Dr. Lee is a provider they can trust!

Intraoral Cameras View

E4d/ SAME day crown technology

Dental Associates of Aurora is proud to offer our patients the amazing results delivered by our E4D CAD/CAM system. This incredible technology combines the functionality of a high-end digital scanner, a virtual design center, and a fabricator designed to mill strong porcelain restorations into one unit that does it all. With this system, Dr. Lee can deliver same-day crowns and veneers of the highest quality – often in just an hour or two!

There’s never a need to come back for a second appointment with E4D technology. Here are a few more benefits we can offer to our patients using this system:

  • Hyper-accurate crowns and veneers.
  • No need for return visits to the office.
  • Reduced cost as no required vendor.
  • Exceptional service from familiar faces.

Dr. Lee and the entire staff at Dental Associates of Aurora are committed to making our patients visits as enjoyable as possible. Yes, we’re a dental office, but technologies like the E4D CAD/CAM system help to reduce the worry and fear. That, coupled with our approach to your specific needs – not to mention comfort, health, and happiness – ensure you’ll always get the very best when you bring your smile to Dental Associates of Aurora!

E4d/ SAME day crown technology

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