In-House Crown & Bridge Lab

At Dental Associates of Aurora, our patients and their needs always come first. We strive to deliver exceptional results to every patient we see including those waiting for crowns and bridges to be crafted for use in their dental treatments. That’s why we opened our own in-house crown and bridge lab – to exceed our patients’ expectations and deliver lightning fast results. That means you get treatment that’s head and shoulders above other dental clinics in town and never have to wait days or even weeks to see the results.

Our in-house crown and bridge lab is used for exactly what the name suggests. It assists our team in delivering outstanding results in the following areas:

  • Porcelain Restorations
  • Metal Restorations
  • Restoration Designs

There are some amazing benefits passed on to our patients thanks to our in-house crown and bridge lab. These include all of the following:

  • Faster treatments than ever before.
  • No need to visit a secondary location.
  • No relying on third parties for quality.
  • Greater control over finished product.
  • Make speedy adjustments when needed.

With two full-time technicians on-staff who boast a combined 80 years of experience, there’s not a better dental lab to be found in the Denver area for crowns and bridges. We offer free consultations to every patient and would love to discuss how our in-house lab can benefit your next dental treatment. Give us a call today!

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